The Problem of Communication Technology Dependence

communication technology dependenceCommunication technology is necessary in the world we live in, but recent trends would indicate that we are taking our dependency on communication technology to an unhealthy extreme. People are becoming addicted to their communication technology, they are becoming unable to function without it, and they are forgetting that communication technology is not sustainable enough to depend on at the level we are depending on it. It is important that we realize this as a culture before it is too late.

Addiction to communication technology is a real thing. Many people scoff at this idea, but brain studies have shown that the brain reacts toward a technology addiction the same way it reacts to any other type of addiction. The chemical dopamine is produced and the brain forms neural pathways around the pleasure reaction so that it can achieve the same effect at other times. Technology addiction is incredibly prevalent in our lives but it is a recent, unstudied phenomenon that is not socially embraced yet. Awareness of this addiction problem needs to increase so that we can avoid its destruction.

Being unable to function without communication technology is bad for people on many levels. Becoming too accustomed to it to the point of being lost and dysfunctional without it is an unhealthy state to be in. Humanity evolved without communication technology, and it is in its most natural state when it is not dependent on something recent and unnatural in order to get through the day.

In addition, communications technology is more sustainable than oil dependent technology but it still leaves a considerable carbon footprint on the planet through its energy usage. No one should be dependent on a technology that is unsustainable and harms the planet. Communications technology has a long way to go before it is an ethical use of energy.

And lastly, being overly dependent on any kind of technology makes people spend too much time on their relationships with machines and not enough time on their relationships with people.

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Title: The Problem of Communication Technology Dependence
Date Posted: February 11, 2016
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