Month: January 2020

Premature Aging & Addiction

Standard post by on January 26, 2020
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Some particular signs of premature aging are “wrinkles, sagging, brown spots and blotches, redness and visible capillaries, dry, and dull skin.” But, the fact of the matter is that when people think of premature aging it is usually in relation to the effect of the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, while many have the ability to protect themselves from these physical changes through preventive measures, others may do the exact opposite, and instead, speed up the process via drugs. In turn, addiction can cause premature aging to arise more often than not, slowly altering the individual’s appearance.

Consequently, that particular person may be so far in abusing the substance to the point where he/she may not even notice the changes that are taking place in that of his/her physical features. For, such features may shift at a slow rate, over the course of the time that the addict uses the drug. In contrast, the addict could be aware of the sudden change, yet be far more worried about his/her next fix. In these instances, this is where the family, friends, and/or loved ones would oftentimes notice changes in appearance long before the addict himself/herself does. 

Premature aging can easily be seen when researching the effects that drugs have on a person’s physical appearance. It is through said research that a number of images can serve as examples to such, one of the most common being the results of meth. The reason that these hard substances affect one’s outward appearance is because it is affecting his/her inward appearance just as much, by tearing down and/or damaging his/her immune system bit by bit. That’s why these types of drugs do more harm rather than help to the individual who consumes them.

In conclusion, premature aging can be stopped before it is too late. But in order to do so, it is most effective if the addict seeks out treatment and/or help within the early stages of his/her addiction. It is only then that he/she has the ability to stop the first signs of premature aging. If he/she fails to do so the effects of it are oftentimes irreversible because the aging that has already happened cannot be undone. Fortunately, if the person begins working towards sobriety, he/she can put a halt on premature aging before it gets too far out of hand.