Month: June 2019

How Technology Affects Different Generations

Standard post by on June 11, 2019
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Seconds turn into minutes-and minutes turn into hours-before one begins to realize all the time they’ve spent scrolling through news feed after news feed. One app closes out, and quickly turns into another, as what was once seen as a way to “pass the time” suddenly becomes all consuming. Some even find themselves growing bored, yet still scrolling in repetition, unable to keep their right thumb from moving in an upward motion. They have checked out, but their mind has not, as FOMO-along with other psychological traits-begins to take hold.

In relation, our current day and age allows pre-teens, teens, and/or young adults the access to several forms of technology-whether it to be through laptop, phone, tablet, TV, and a number of other outlets. And as a result-no matter their preference-they oftentimes find themselves consumed by certain media habits, becoming accustomed to a wide range of technology through adaptation-and/or growing up in a world that has provided them with such. But in consequence, they begin failing to remember that they aren’t the only ones, and that there are many who haven’t been as “fortunate” to grow up in such an era. And in response those particular people are oftentimes deemed as “old”, and pitied for their lack of knowledge in regards to the tech world.

Not only that, but those who aren’t of this generation-who don’t engage in the same media platforms-such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.-are outcasted all the same as many individuals use these platforms to add, friend, or follow peers, colleagues, and even strangers/celebrities that they feel influenced/inspired by. But, what happens to those who’d rather read a paperback book, and feel the pages beneath their thumbs, rather than to hold an e-reader. Or what happens to those who’d much rather turn on their radio, and pop in a CD or cassette tape, rather than to download a song via iTunes or google music.

In turn, it seems as though we live in a generation in which even iPods are becoming outdated, due to the rapid acceleration of technology. It’s in the midst of such that overlapping generations are having to become accustomed to one another’s technology usage-and/or habits-and help one another, rather than dehumanize him/her based on his/her knowledge. In conclusion, next time grandpa, grandma, mom, or dad find themselves struggling with their Bluetooth don’t hesitate to take out the time to be gracious, and assist them in their endeavors.