Communication Technology Replacing People

communication technology peopleMore and more, we are interacting with technology to accomplish tasks instead of people. Technology takes our money and pumps gas into our cars, technology allows us to shop from home instead of with other shoppers, and technology is even the middle man between ourselves and other people most of the time, via computers and cell phones. This trend is hampering our ability to connect with one another and the consequences are more serious than one might believe. There are actually people falling in love with entirely digital personas and craving intimate relationships with them. If this does not strike you as disconcerting, your thinking is unhealthy.

This trend is appearing on many levels of society. Jobs that used to be for people are being replaced by jobs for machines and electronics. The ethic of efficiency in work is being valued over the ethic of a balanced society where all members have work to sustain themselves with. This is a sign of an anti-social society that could be going down a dangerous path of anti-humanism. This cultural shift is a sign of the times and should have people very concerned for the future.

Secondly, our social skills that enable us to connect with other humans deteriorate when we interact with machines instead of people. Socializing is an art form that requires a fair amount of practice. It is highly dependent on all people who are part of an exchange being aware that the other’s perspectives are as valid as theirs. It requires a steady give and take of offering input and receiving input. These are things we cannot learn from technology, only from interacting with other humans and seeking relationships with them.

The cuts that have been made to human interaction for the sake of communication technology are creating a culture of narcissism and sociopathic tendencies. People are beginning to prefer relationships with their technology over relationships with one another. We are in danger of devaluing human life and losing our human identity if this trend persists.

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Title: Communication Technology Replacing People
Date Posted: February 11, 2016
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