Disadvantages of Technology Dependence


The ease that technology brings to our lives is undeniable. The 21st century has brought unprecedented strides in technological advancements. The tendency to be overly dependent on technology has its downsides which will explore in this article. 

What are some disadvantages of being dependent on technology?

Major Disadvantages of Technology Dependence

  • It affects the Memory

Contrary to popular belief that our memory is helped by technological devices, the reliance on technology somewhat ails our memorization ability. People don’t need to remember the exact figure of “pi” as they are a Google search from it.

The fact that almost every information we need is some clicks away from us causes us not to stress memorizing them. The lack of memorization causes impairments in the memory section of our brain.

Technology is addictive 

In the past, people battled drug and alcohol addictions, sex addictions, etc. However, with the advent of technological devices, there is a wider range of addictions such as video game addiction, phone addiction, etc. They are all captured within the spectrum of “technology addictions”

The tendency to be overly dependent on technology can cause extreme anxiety when there’s no technology around. People can get addicted to porn, gaming, or other things they frequently do on their devices.

  • It is Affecting Human Interaction

As people prioritize their “screen-time” over “people-time” they tend to become less relatable. In the past, social culture was based on how people interact physically.

Nowadays, cyberbullying and online abuse are becoming more commonplace because people care less about the person at the receiving end. The dependence on technology is causing more people to become insensitive.


Technology is a gift whose impact is undeniable. However, when a person becomes overly dependent on technology, there’s a propensity for such a person to have a defective personality.    

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